The biggest lesson we could all learn is that Crisis comes before Promotion!! This is so very vital to know and to accept.

When the hard times come, and they Will, there has to be No doubt, No second-guessing, No blaming God, No blaming Others. No, God does not let you fail!

Ask yourself these questions:  

We have to become responsible with our own Actions, what did you do for yourself? What actions did you take? Did you truly apply yourself?

Welcome the hard times and the lessons that will come.

This is NOT just a quote to be tossed idly aside, this is VITAL for growth and maturity in LIFE and in your relationship with God/YHVH.

Praise Him, PRAISE HIM in the good times and in the BAD/HARD times. We have to start Praising our Father for everything we go through.

The more we praise Him the more we are BLESSED!! This blessing will likely NOT be a material/worldly blessing, it will, however, be the lessons we are Meant to Learn to get to the time of Promotion!

Praise Yahweh!!



My friend Bekah says, “Our attitude and the response/reaction we have in crisis are very crucial” and she knows all about living for wellness.  

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