“When people think of generosity, they usually think of gift giving, especially during the winter holidays. The focus is on what you give and what you get. A few others focus on the needy.

On an daily basis, most people in public are bombarded with homeless people offering to work for food, and on television we see pictures of hungry children in third world countries. Most of these appeals are touching at first, but wind up being no more than an annoyance after the third or fourth time of being seen. The desire to help others degenerates into giving to appease a guilty conscience because we have and they don’t. Eventually and sadly enough, many become numb to the whole thing.

Generosity is more than simply writing a check or digging into your pocket to give to the needy. Generosity is an attitude, and and should translate into all our interactions with others. When you give someone the benefit of the doubt, that is generosity. When you are kind to someone who we might think doesn’t really deserve it, that too is generosity. The way we treat other people and the attitude is the most accurate reflection of generosity”. Excerpts taken from: https://drschiffman.wordpress.com/2011/12/29/generosity/

For me, generosity comes from the gratitude I have to YHVH/God for all He has done for me. Every blessing in my life is a reminder of the abundance of His goodness. With my family’s limited income we cannot afford to be generous with people as much as we’d like. We give to the needy, I can almost always offer the time to listen to a person’s problems and give them comfort, I can take someone who has fallen, and help them get on their own two feet. We can afford these things (not monetary) because YHVH/God has been so good to us.

When I meet people who are stingy with their money, or with their time or energy toward others, it makes me wonder how grateful they are toward YHVH/God. When we really appreciate what He has done for us, it enables us to be generous.

I know people who make excuses to not give. They say the ‘beggars’ (I despise that term) use the money to buy drugs and alcohol. They say all the donated money for the TV begging goes to pay for air time. I think we have to use great discernment and wisdom when we give, but we also need to be willing to take the opportunity and consider that we might be doing some good by giving. I just see it as this, in giving to someone it might be the only nice thing that person has had happen to them.

The parables of Yeshua/Jesus are all about the generosity of Him, but also about how we need to be generous toward others. Because Man was created in the image of YHVH/God, the way we treat others is a true reflection of how we feel toward Him. True godliness can not exist apart from human decency. Psalm 145, Matthew 25, Isaiah 58 all have some great verses on how we should give.


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