I have felt really out-of-sorts the past few days.

Feeling like I have to learn to write all over again.

So much of my writing has been for this Healing time in my life. 

Writing is one thing I have never struggled with, I’ve been doing it since I was 9 years old.

I have always felt this special beauty in writing and I always knew that if I had no tools to write with, I had my thoughts and the words would ponder in my mind.  I could create a photograph of my thoughts.

I love how words can make a day seem Brighter or Longer, dull or SHINY, words paint pictures if we take the time to ponder on them a bit. Words can be Colourful or plain black and white. For myself words tell the stories of lives and of my Yeshua Messiah who died to set us free…

I love to tell stories of hardship and overcoming and becoming Sufficient, those are beautiful stories and special times for so many.
I’m not really sure how to write about anything besides my past and I’m not letting go of the past, so as to never speak of it again, never sharing stories that were amazing and significant in my life. These things are okay to keep but just focus on all the time.
Right now, I’m taking one sentence at a time and see where that takes my postings. 


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