Hurt that feels so good is Hurt that brings you to truth…I’m so painfully persistent about moving forward, even the hardest hurts haven’t stopped me and they never will…

I was thinking of John Mellencamp’s song, “Hurts So Good”, when I was typing that title of this post. Please understand and make note that none of this is to belittle the suffering and pain that our Yeshua Messiah went through to save our souls. In a split second I went from that song to realizing how much heartache and hurt that we can truly endure and in most cases it’s more than we think. All this hurt, you know further down the way, it feels so good to know that we’ve put our Best foot forward and really Changed our lives.

In the previous post, I wrote about how we are to love ourselves through forgiveness, before we can truly love others. In this post I want to reiterate my thoughts on what loving ourselves is about, in my experience. In particular I’d like to point out these few lines: “To be able to love ourselves is To be able to forgive ourselves. I found this very hard but I knew, by experience and examination, that it was necessary. To have that peace that surpasses all understanding. I’ve felt that peace in the last few months.

True love which is defined in 2 John 1: 6 – Love means that we live by doing what he commands. We were commanded to live in love, and you have heard this from the beginning” is the love I am referring to.  Sadly, too many believe it’s loving how they look, their weight, their hair, their physical traits. It’s not about loving appearance of self.

I always think of Yeshua and all the pain He bore for us because He loved us. It was terrible, I can’t even begin to imagine. The truth is, a migraine literally knocks my socks off and I sometimes spend an entire day nursing my way back to what feels like normal. To think of wearing shackles on my feet and hands, then being drug from one place to another. The lashes from the whips and chains to beat Our Messiah on His body with all because their perception of Him is a Lie from people who had some power and lied to others.

I’ve explained two instances of what ‘love’ can look like, so now I am going to share the link to Chapter 53 of Isaiah and we can all read for ourselves the Love that Yeshua gives to us, past and present.

I know it’s true that many don’t believe and genuinely I cannot fathom why not. We all need to come to our own understanding and I wanted to present mine.

Thank you for reading.


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