I am a woman of YHVH.

And these bleeding wounds won’t be the end of me. I am a survivor. I will cry. I will scream. I will fight. And these hurts won’t keep me prisoner. I am not meant for a life of suffering, of worrying, of hurting, or crying. I am not meant to live only for more tears and pain.

I am not someone to be mistreated. To be tossed aside. I am not so easily forgotten.

I am a beautiful creation.

I am a magnificent work of our Creator.

There is no other.

There is only me.

I have my own dreams, my own style, my own story.
I refuse to let this storm take that from me. I refuse to back down.

I AM a Woman.

I might be wounded but I am not beaten. I never will be.

I am a light for Yeshua. I will not let your words destroy me, again!

No matter how long it takes I will reach the shores.

I will help others find their way too.

I am a woman dying to live fully for Yeshua.

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