Just thinking…how much I never missed all the singing of the birds, until now, until being here and waking at the 4am call of the robins, the finches singing of the grace, the owls talking to their forever mates. They flitter about from limb to limb and though invisible to my eyes, their song touches graces my whole being. I found this quote that seemed to have such great meaning to me and I want to share it:

Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark”

My family and I had lived in the city for a few years and we were so accustomed to staying at home so much because of the loudness of the neighbourhood and the battles going on around us. We were invisible people in a busy city, not unlike many others.

Illegal immigrants and illegal drug use and guns that weren’t registered lead to many fire-starters. At one time, our neighbour had 12 family members living in his home, a two bedroom home at that! The constant sirens all through the day and night, it just became intolerable.

We were weeks away from moving to southern Costa Rica and backed out.

We decided we were going to move but our desire was to live off the land. It worked out to some degree, we ended up at a campground in the primitive area and for me it was a dream come true.  We heard the Creator’s call through the birds, the owls, the squirrels and the rustling in the leaves and all the hustle and bustle of critters through the days and nights.

The no water, no electric wasn’t that big of a deal. We could get to it, it wasn’t an impossibility but we chose to stretch our provisions as long as we could. We really wanted to do this self-sufficiency thing. It was great, it lasted 6 months and we had to move on.

We decided to Focus on progress rather than perfection and on how far we’ve come rather than on how far we had left to go.


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