We’ve all heard the saying, “try, as you might”, “keep trying”, “don’t stop trying”, “try try try again”. The point of these phrases is to encourage others to keep going, keep moving forward. To also understand that ‘trying’ never really has a stopping point in our lives, unless WE stop.

I used to say, “I hope I’m doing well or I hope I’m good enough”, to be good enough is irrelevant, actually, just to do well or try to do well IS enough.

Sometimes I’m filled with the, I hopes, “I hope, I hope”…. or I hope I’m doing what YHVH wants me to be doing.  What He wants us to be doing is focusing on Him. I’ve now exchanged those “I hopes” with I’ll keep trying.

How does this fit in my relationship with YHVH/Yeshua. The mere fact that I am focused on doing something and thinking of Him blesses Him more than I ever realized.

Surely we’ve all been there at least once in our lives; ready to give up when it seems like the burden has become too much to bear.

It could be a relationship, a job, an illness, or maybe even life itself… the feeling of just throwing in the towel seems like the best thing to do (at least at the moment anyway).

The best thing I have found to do when I’ve felt like giving up is turn to the Bible. The Bible is full of encouragement for any and every situation we could possibly face.

Many of the Psalms have helped me, chapters 23, 27, 40, 46 and many more. Job has always been a great source because I always have so many questions.

Don’t worry that ‘just trying’ might not be enough, trying is more than enough, at least, in our Father’s sight.

Just keep on trying, don’t give up too easily, don’t quit in a ‘spur of the moment’ situation. Be still, wait and remember…

Trying is enough.

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