He was a wonderful man, always full of laughter and loved spending time with all the kids. I was thinking about my Uncle Calvin, my dad’s brother, he was in the Navy.

When he got older he started collecting kaleidoscopes of all sorts, some very expensive ($700) and others were just a few dollars. I always thought it was cool to use one of the less expensive kaleidoscopes and hold it up and see what colours appeared from my siblings or cousins clothing. Later years I wondered how those colours would eventually shape our lives; if they were vibrant and bold would we be full of laughter and always being silly, on the other hand, if the colours were darker or earth tones, would we be nature lovers or depressed. That’s not something I want to think about anymore. Many things shape our lives and who we are, no need to analyze every detail.

My Uncle was also an engineer and he would buy different styles of kaleidoscopes and take them apart so he could make his own. Uncle Calvin always played the quiet pranks and waited patiently for something enormous to happen.

My Aunt is/was the family Geneologist and she’s the one who discovered tha my dad’s side of the family goes 5 generations back to Jewish history and my mom’s side goes back 4 generations of Cherokee Indians. My Aunt was a gregarious laughter, always joking and laughing, she laughed so hard and so loud, she wasn’t a quiet prankster either; if she going to goof off with you then you’d best be read.

My Aunt and Uncle lived in the Keys off Florida and we spent many years apart. When the times came around for family reunions and the holiday gatherings, rest assured, we could be found to be the loudest house in the neighbourhood. I’m surprised the police were never called in for a noise disturbance. 🙂

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