Your fragile heart has been broken
I stand there with thoughts of abhorrence
to the source of your grief, the chemical highs
But the second those tears fall
I want to catch them and put them back in your eyes

I want to hold you tight, to ease the pain
Please don’t cry, it hurts me so much
but cry and let it out
My one weakness

My heart’s pain, and my soul’s torture
Unbearable are your tears to see
They fall from your eyes, they come from your heart
It burns with unforgiving despair

I care for you so much
Your sniveling frame sends flames through my veins
And I want your tears to stop

Bring back your smile, laughter and joy
Let me see and let me hear
Your smile a painting, your laughter is music
This is My greatest bliss

Your happiness, my soul’s salvation
Give me your joy, give Me your pain

But which do I want?
To ease your pain, or to ease mine?
Love and care, or selfish desire?
I persevere through my pain of what
you’re going through
and endure my breaking heart for you

I take you in my arms as though my child
and hug you tight
Your fragile form shaking in my hold
You fit as though poured into a mould

I whisper words of comfort
Everything seems fine, on the outside
But looking into my soul…

As I shelter your embrace, I am crumbling for you inside
As I take my hand to wipe the tears on your face
The liquid burning in my fingers
As I let you cry on me, I am in agony

On the outside I stand strong for you
From the inside, my broken form lies weak

It is a shared pain
It is a double-edged sword

But desire to comfort you,
and to see your smile, to feel your joy
overpowers my weakness
It gives me strength to survive
So let me absorb your despair
Let me suffer so you can be healed

The pain no longer shared
The sword left pierced through my heart
Cry in my arms and let it out
Keep going until you can’t anymore
I can hold on for hours if you want
Draining your sorrow on to me

Don’t worry it’ll be over soon
But for now, give it all to me
Cry, cry, cry

Let me take it all
Let it go, it’s alright
Give me all of your pain.
~ongoing from 2011-2012


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