“The key to Greatness lies not in our ability to Project ourselves to others.  It’s not as if we are putting ourselves onto a projector and creating an Image of ourselves on a screen. Rather, our key to Greatness lies in who we Are. When we can Give to other people, it is in such a way that when they walk Away from us, they are able to say in their hearts that they have taken Away something With them that is quite Extraordinary.”


This is what I call the Essence. What I believe about the essence, is that it comes from having the Holy Spirit alive in you, working in you, this spiritual essence is left in the minds of those who associate with you, no matter the capacity. People will remember what being around you felt like, they can describe it without hesitation for a long time afterwards. You will remember it too, when it happens to you.  How? it’s one of those things that your soul hangs onto, it lingers in your memory until you experience another time.


The first time I felt this essence I was 3 years old, this is also one of the very few memories that I have retained all of my life. I used to wake up every night and sit on the couch, I believe I was talking with God. I can clearly remember that time in my life and I remember so well sitting there on that couch and talking in a whisper with Him. There are many other times as well, but I won’t get into detail about those.


It’s like the wisp of a bird flying past or the flit of the wind, that you cannot see anywhere around you. It’s warm and gentle and the feeling can be ravenous, one day it might have slipped your mind and something will happen and there again, it comes like a soft, warm touch upon your shoulder or your hair or it might be a glance in a stranger’s eye.

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