1.  Grow in a love relationship with the Author of Scripture
2. Develop a personal relationship with YHVH/GOD
3. Approach your Bible reading with worshipful awe
4. Consider it an amazing privilege to read and study the Scripture
5. Develop a real interest as you read a portion of Scripture
6. Ask the YHVH to give you true joy as you read the Scriptures
7. Find a quiet place and time to spend quality time reading the Scripture
8. Begin your time in the Bible with prayer, asking for His interpretation to be made known to you.
9. Examine the Bible portion carefully and prayerfully
10. Determine to read for spiritual benefit from the Lord
11. Always remember that you are seeking to know God’s will and obey it.

All great ideas! I think the biggest one we all struggle with is, Doing His Will once we know it.  Oftentimes, it conflicts with how we live or desire to live.

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