There are 7 Hebrew words for praise.

From least used to most.
1) Shabach means to Shout! Used 11 times as in Psalm 63:3.

2) Todah means Thanks/Thanksgiving. Used 32 times as in Jeremiah 17:26.

3) Zamar means to Touch strings. Used 45 times as in Psalm 21:13

4) Tehillah means Songs of Praise. It is where the word “Tehillim” or Psalms comes from. Used 57 times as in Psalm 23:2

5) Yadah means hands raised to receive something. Yad or Yod means Hand. Or Eagles Claw. Used 114 times as in Psalm 52:9

6) Halal means to shine; to celebrate. It is the root word for Hallelu’YAH! Used 165 times as in Psalm 22:22

7) Barak means to Bless; to kneel; to bow down. It is used as Praise 330 times in Scripture, as in Psalm. 66:20.

Praise Our Heavenly Father. In many ways, praise Him, celebrate Him, shout to Him, throw your hands up, bow in His presence, receive Him.

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