“And the peace of God, which passes all understanding,

will guard your hearts and your minds in Yeshua.”

Philippians 4:7

In other words, Paul says,

when you have been cultivating joy in your heart,

joy in the LORD, joy that’s not derived from your circumstances

but joy which is derived from the gospel grace that Yahweh

has shown to you through Yeshua/Jesus

when you have been seeking to live in gentleness and peace with your brothers and sisters in Yeshua, when you have…become tired of worrying 24/7…you have been entrusting yourself to Him to provide for your needs, and then in your time of need,
in your hour of quandary and trial, here is Yeshua says He is going to do:
I am going to give you a Peace BEYOND YOUR Comprehension,
so that when everything in your circumstance is screaming to you…

Despair! Hopelessness!

You will have a hope in you that you don’t know where it came from.
Can YOU Imagine!!!

And when you are in poverty and the things that you want the most

what seems to have been denied to you

It might not be about finances.

It might be allowing poverty in friendship.

You may be in isolation.

You may be in a state of alienation.

and YHVH says

I will give to you riches that you will know don’t come
from the circumstances that you’re experiencing.

And when you’re weak, so weak that you don’t feel

that there is strength left in your body,

I’ll give you strength, and you’ll know it didn’t come from you,
and you’ll know it didn’t come from anybody around you,
and you sure know it didn’t come from your circumstances,
I will give you total well-being…peace…shalom…that passes your comprehension.
And you’ll know that it didn’t come from you and it didn’t come from your situation,
it came from the Holy Spirit testifying to your spirit this:

YHVH’s promise is true

Despite everything in your circumstances.


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