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Blessed by the VERY best!! I have been so empowered today…words of Hope, love, truth, freedom from bondage; every day releasing bondage and accepting peace.

Really working on discipline in my life. Finding balance with my Messiah through relationship with Him. Everyday is a new day of erasing ego issues aka opposite of the Fruits of the Spirit.

  • The opposite of love is hate.
  • …of joy is self-pity.
  • …of peace is discontent.
  • …of patience is impatience.
  • …of kindness is ill-mannered.
  • …of goodness is greed.
  • …of faithfulness is unfaithful.
  • …of gentleness is spiteful.
  • …of self-control is controlling.
Recognizing these things may not feel empowering at the moment but later on I usually see the blessing in going through this process. I love learning new things, even if they are things I may not like, but it’s always nice to know that I can turn things around and start choosing to have better habits and a positive attitude.


Some Days…

I’ve had a very full life, married for many years.  I have two beautiful and amazing daughters and four grandchildren that I love dearly. I study the Bible and other resources a great deal, this is good but to make it better I actively walk out the call that has seemingly been placed upon me.

Sometimes I feel as though I have no or a rare place in this world.

I’ve been working with two home-based companies over the past 1.5 years. The companies are really great and I love their products. I feel like that field of work just isn’t for me. I am not content, I have no peace in this realm.  My husband supports any choice I make, always encouraging and claiming that he will help me and I love that.

I feel like I’m just filling up space and not actually living. At the end of the day, I feel empty as though I’ve not met my soul’s purpose.

Radical Generosity

When you are radically grateful for what you have, you will go to radical lengths to share it.

When you are radically grateful for being blessed — you are radically generous to the oppressed.

When you are radically grateful, you live out of a place of radical abundance — there’s always more space for more to share the grace.

And don’t confuse the idea of personal pride with radical gratitude. You aren’t actually thankful for something if you think you actually earned it. That’s pride, not gratitude.

You are only actually grateful for something if you see it as actually a gift — as an unearned gift that was bestowed unexpectedly upon you. That you didn’t earn it, that you didn’t deserve it, that you didn’t create it yourself.

That’s a radical paradigm: that no one receives anything unless it is given him from heaven. No one receives anything — not by work, not by worth, no by wit — unless it is a gift. There is only one category for everything that exists: Gift. Self-made men don’t exist — only God-given gifts.

When you’re overwhelmed with the goodness of God to you — you overflow with the goodness of God to others.

That’s what I feel burning me up: The radically grateful can never stand for injustice — because they are moved by radical grace. You can’t know grace and not be moved. Grace starts movements. Grace can be the catalyst.
(Ann Voskamp)

Thou Shalts

The Thou Shalts…
The Torah of Messiah includes the following commandments:
“Thou shalt believe thou are my beloved – entirely accepted and entirely forgiven”
“Thou shalt forget the shame of thy past”
“Thou shalt stop thinking of your sin but rather of My great remedy for your life”
“Thou shalt let me carry your woundedness far away, yea, to the bottom of the sea”
“Thou shalt live in My love and be filled with its spirit,”
“Thou shalt believe in a joyful ending, that My love is stronger than My justice,”
“Thou shalt fear nothing but that which causes you to lose sight of My love for you…”

Bike Chains and Rubber Bands

I’m half a century and half a decade old this year…birth year that is..and it seems like I am still peddling backwards to move a little bit forward.  It seems the bicycle of life has a rubber band instead of a chain. While giggling inside as I shared that thought with my friend Karen, who is 4 days older than me and her response, “Don’t forget you and I are living in the land of many deliberate sins against our FATHER. Right now heavy warfare is played out around us, that effects us, like the economy continuing to drop.

But remember ALL HIS benefits and Thank and Praise Yahweh for the littlest things, even a piece of bread. Because you and your family are So Loved, and so much drawn to HIS Heart as HIS people. I will pray about a bike chain”.  Yes, I do remember these things hourly it seems for each day I am alive. I woke to the moon flashing in my face and 30 minutes later, a gorgeous sunrise.

morning sun shining through