“It fills every room of our home,” she said to me. “The only peace I have is within me. His anger, not yours, not anyone else’s.  It’s truly not about me and I See that and I Acknowledge that.

And in her confusion, the constant me, me, me; poor pitiful me.”

I cry out, My God!! I come to you and seek answers to the questions she has. She brings up the same situations for Years now, yet, I’ve been to this same place not so long ago. I’m totally committed to helping her see that pity is not pretty.

This is called self-pity, and when you don’t know all you can know, self-pity will gladly step in and take over this pathetic dance that we call living because we’re so sick of being sick and tired.

It’s time to step out of those ragged out boots and put on some footloose and fancy-free kinda living!!

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