I’m half a century and half a decade old this year…birth year that is..and it seems like I am still peddling backwards to move a little bit forward.  It seems the bicycle of life has a rubber band instead of a chain. While giggling inside as I shared that thought with my friend Karen, who is 4 days older than me and her response, “Don’t forget you and I are living in the land of many deliberate sins against our FATHER. Right now heavy warfare is played out around us, that effects us, like the economy continuing to drop.

But remember ALL HIS benefits and Thank and Praise Yahweh for the littlest things, even a piece of bread. Because you and your family are So Loved, and so much drawn to HIS Heart as HIS people. I will pray about a bike chain”.  Yes, I do remember these things hourly it seems for each day I am alive. I woke to the moon flashing in my face and 30 minutes later, a gorgeous sunrise.

morning sun shining through


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