Doing hard things today…I can’t really explain but this growing upward and leaving behind surely isn’t some cakewalk. I’ve had to reach out for help and cry out, “please help me get through this moment”. A few minutes and a few tears released are just what I need sometimes.

No, nothing is wrong, no one is sick or hurting. I’ve chosen to take my walk with Yahweh/God much more seriously over the past years, I’m coming to a point now of that long path becoming more and more narrow, but I’m determined and prepared to walk through it.

I pray one day that you’ll all choose the same path, if you want easy and quick then you might not be ready. I’ve never done anything easy. I read on a post that the person writing said she’d love to pull off her flesh and no longer live in it, the problem with that isn’t getting out of the flesh, pulling it off, most don’t know that the beginning starts with taking off the mask that we tend to hide behind.

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