Blessed by the VERY best!! I have been so empowered today…words of Hope, love, truth, freedom from bondage; every day releasing bondage and accepting peace.

Really working on discipline in my life. Finding balance with my Messiah through relationship with Him. Everyday is a new day of erasing ego issues aka opposite of the Fruits of the Spirit.

  • The opposite of love is hate.
  • …of joy is self-pity.
  • …of peace is discontent.
  • …of patience is impatience.
  • …of kindness is ill-mannered.
  • …of goodness is greed.
  • …of faithfulness is unfaithful.
  • …of gentleness is spiteful.
  • …of self-control is controlling.
Recognizing these things may not feel empowering at the moment but later on I usually see the blessing in going through this process. I love learning new things, even if they are things I may not like, but it’s always nice to know that I can turn things around and start choosing to have better habits and a positive attitude.


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