I quit writing!!

I quit writing for the anticipation of accolades, recognition and acceptance. As early as we are into 2016, I made the decision to stop writing to be published; I’ve been published many times. This ‘Why’ for writing was not good for me.

I will not write for hot dogs,
for apple pies, nor baseball.
can you see, not even for “The American Dream”.

I will not write to teach or to preach
I will not write to reach or screech
nor will I listen to the words of a covert
acting as a flighty coot!

I will not write for dare (as a game I might) or a mare
for someone to compare and for one to declare
that I only do this for my welfare, the truth is I do
but that’s for me to proclaim about myself.

Okay, that was just a ‘made up as I go’ poem to the tune of Dr. Suess. I think it’s quite lovely and cheerful myself.

I write now for me, for my need to have written words every day. If I cannot write, I can barely breathe. I know some have mentioned that I go overboard with just saying Good Morning each day, but can’t you share my Abundance of Words…


and with

Great Glee! 🙂


Many thanks to Jeff Goins for the inspiration behind this poem.

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