Our mission should be to have an intimate relationship with Yeshua/Jesus. If we ever lose sight of this then the present reality will be unbearable.¬†Yahweh/God created us for a kind of joy, unmitigated sheer delight, that is rarely experienced in this day. If we don’t live Now, with Then in view, we would move through life with a self-focused demand to have things go our own way, to find relief from a misery that may not be escaped. I found myself living this way many years ago, however, since then I’ve begun working on a more focused and disciplined lifestyle.

It is true that today we live in reality’s shadowlands, where the experience of misery is often painfully real. Without hope in Yahweh, the best one can offer hurting people, is distraction, anesthesia, meaningless pleasures, and more ineffective strategies for getting their own way. Our goal/mission in life should always be to be under the Authority of our Almighty God.

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