I looked up from sleeping and saw flashing lights all over my wall.
My immediate thought was that it wasn’t trash day. I had forgotten that school was back in session and it was the school bus driving past the window. There was barely light coming through the tree that has grown for so many years right outside this place.

I wonder about this tree and the activities that have taken place around it. I met the man who grew up in the apartment on the right side of ours. He had lived there all of his childhood years, now he has his own family. His dad worked hard at the company that is settled at the back edge of the property here. The Sylvania Company. The company whose slogan says, “We Make Light Better for Better Living”.  “You light up my Life” as the old 80’s song goes. The father now owns a furniture store in town and his son works with him. His father is in his 80’s now and is barely able to do any of the physical work, so the son and hired hands do the work.

This tree has grown through several years of families. The apartments have been here for at least 40 years. I’m not certain when the trees were planted but the diameter of it looks at least 40 years. Lines that represent years of the tree also represent the lives that grew up in this community. This is a beautiful place to live, well-maintained and manicured by each resident. It’s nice to see how people differ by the flowers they plant and the decor they place around their yards. Some never intended to have a lifetime here, so only come a few months and then they’ve moved on.

I guess it’s like any place one would go. There’s a purpose and an intent, except to the few who never know where they will end up.

Blessings on your day.

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